July 30th – City of Angels

Gianna’s oldest friend Gaibel was coincidentally also in Los Angeles, staying with her mother in the nearby Studio City area. Los Angeles, like most large cities is roughly divided into lots of little neighborhoods or villages. Looking at a map, it appears Amy’s apartment was located in Little Armenia, very close to both Hollywood and the trendy Silver Lake neighborhood. Continue reading


July 29th – Landing in Los Angeles

I woke up with the sunrise, and let out a sigh. This place was beautiful, and though I was excited to move on with the adventure, I was kind of sad to leave so soon. I went to the water container, to start some boiling for oats and coffee, but what I found in the water was quite intriguing. It seems Gianna had left the nozzle on the water jug open, and hundreds of ants had gone in, trying to get the water. Being but simple insects, the ants could not predict the difficulty they would have getting back out of the water jug. Though they weren’t clever enough to get themselves out, what they did instead was equally fascinating. Continue reading

July 27th – I’ve Been Through the Desert on a Horse With No Name

Equipped with a new tire, we were more than ready to get the fuck out of sin city. We called the bellman to bring a cart up to grab our gear. I pulled the bike around while Gianna checked out, and we met the bellman out front, savoring the look of surprise on his face as wheeled this massive pile of stuff up to not a big SUV, but a single motorcycle. As usual, we drew a small crowd as we performed our bungee voodoo. Continue reading