August 1st – Finally at the Beach

We slept in until 10 or so, and then decided to head to a raw foods cafe with Amy instead of fixing breakfast at the apartment. As such places tend to be, it was quite expensive, but it was delicious. I love smoothies. They are pretty much the greatest of breakfasts. Once on a road trip with three friends, we actually brought a blender with us, and made smoothies in our motel rooms, and even while camping by plugging into the ranger station. We grabbed some snack bars to eat while we were out, and then headed back to the apartment to gather the rest of our beach crew.

SHOCKINGLY, 6 stoners took their sweet time getting ready, and it was at least noon or so before we were on the way to the beach. It was a lovely 2 hour scenic drive, and only about half of it was being stuck in traffic. Finally we arrived in Malibu, and the first thing I noticed was gas was a full dollar per gallon more expensive than it had been even in LA, where it was much more expensive than anywhere we’d been. Malibu was $5/gallon. I didn’t really think gas prices would get this high so quickly. I remember $1/gallon the year before I started driving, but our government and their ridiculous wars have driven up the cost of everything for us Joes. There are beaches closer to where we were than the one we went to, but we decided to take the extra hour drive to find a “less crowded” beach. Mind you, this would still be the most crowded beach at Texas beaches like Port Aransas, but it was substantially less crowded than other beaches near LA. Overall, worth the $8 we paid to park. Besides, a couple bowls makes a 2 hour drive no big thing.

We unloaded our hoops, juggling balls, and staff, and headed to the beach. It felt great to have sand between my toes. The air was just the right amount of warm, and the water was a pretty tolerable temperature, perhaps comparable to the chilly waters of Barton Springs. In addition to the snacks we had brought, there were chips, and I seem to remember some veggies and dip of some sort. As the water was a bit too cool for any of to really want to go swimming, we mostly hung out on towels and yoga mats, smoked a couple bowls, and soaked up some delightful sun. My severe burn had finally faded to tan, but of course we applied sun screen anyways.

Here away from the buildings of the city, the haze of the city was even more obvious. Though it was a sunny and clear day, visibility was probably only a mile or so down the shore before everything just disappeared into the toxic gray. I miss the endless visibility of clean desert skies. Ah well, what beach we could see through the smog was still beautiful.

It was an extremely mellow day, only taking breaks from napping in the sun to smoke more weed or play with toys. I had purchased a torch lighter while out with Gaibel, and it was definitely coming in handy with the beach winds. We eventually scurried over some rocks to a nearby beach, and hung out there for a bit instead, bravely leaving most of our stuff behind. We passed a joint around, enjoying the occasional spray of the sea against the rocks which formed our alcove.

This was actually one of very few places we had to be somewhat incognito with the weed smoking, as the police in this region are evidently very strict about enforcing a no smoking policy on the beaches. This seems like an odd policy. If you can’t smoke somewhere with that much sky to diffuse into, where can you smoke? Oh well, cops are evidently mostly sadistic violent assholes if the abundant video footage of police brutality coming from the occupation is to be believed.

Eventually, the sun began to go down, and we decided to go get some seafood. Pacific seafood is so good, I really don’t eat seafood from Texas anymore. I was ruined already when BP devestated the gulf, but now especially. We ended up at a place called Neptune’s Net on the recommendation of a few members of our party. Though I was hoping for a little lighter fare, it turned out to be a fried fish kind of place, and we got fish and chips. They were admittedly excellent, but the meal was very greasy, and I was left feeling heavy and oily.

Our bellies full to bursting with fish, fat, and beer, we began the long drive back to the apartment. I think none of us were feeling that great after such a greasy meal, and we passed a bowl around the car to settle our stomachs. It was getting late, so traffic had subsided very slightly, and it took only an hour and a half to get back. Upon return, Amy discovered a rather severe sunburn starting to reveal itself, as did Gianna. We still had some Aloe gel(with lidocaine and menthol) that I had used to medicate my burn previously, and Gianna applied it to her burns liberally. Amy couldn’t deal with the texture of the gel on her hands, and so opted to suffer though the burn instead. To each their own.

It’s amazing how exhausting a day of relaxing at the beach can be. It wasn’t that late, and we weren’t quite ready for sleep, but moving too much also seemed out of the question. We selected a movie from Amy’s DVD collection and popped it into her laptop to watch. As much as I know it’s a worthless endeavor, vegging out and watching tv shows or a movie remains a guilty pleasure of mine. My job used to have me just sitting around watching tv for extended periods, so it used to be a pretty large part of my life. However, it had now been about 4 weeks with extremely minimal vegging out, as it had been pretty nonstop adventure since we left Austin.

Gianna passed out somewhere in the middle of the movie, but I made it through to the end before finally succumbing to exhaustion. Another night on the love sack before another day of adventure in the big city.


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