July 31st – A Lazy Sunday

Having partied ’til pretty late the night before, we all slept well into the afternoon. Almost immediately the girls were off to their hoop jam barbeque, leaving me to my own devices for the day. I had told myself I would write about this trip, but so far I hadn’t really gotten much down on paper at all, and it had been practically a week since the last time I’d written anything at all. I yelp!ed up a nearby coffee shop, and grabbed my helmet to ride over. Yes, I should have walked, but I really, really like riding motorcycles, and even a short ride through the neighborhood, especially unladen even by a passenger, sounded pretty appealing.

I naively believed that the 1 mile ride through the neighborhood would somehow allow me to avoid the insane LA traffic. I apparently paused a second too long before turning right at a stop sign, because the car behind me lay on his horn, and began trying to drive up to the right of me and cut me off. Seriously. Douchiest drivers of anywhere I’ve been, though I hear the nations capitol gives it a run for it’s money.

I arrived at the coffee shop to discover they did not really have food, which was unfortunate, as I had not really eaten very much. Oh well, I ordered a mocha, and found a place to plug in my laptop. For the next few hours, I tried my best to remember everything that had happened for the last week or so, and wrote about five pages on the subject. It was nothing pretty, just the notes from which I am writing these blog posts. And from these blog posts I will assemble a novel. I anticipate great awesomeness.

Sometime around 6 or 7 I received a call from Gianna that they had arrived back at the apartment, so I headed back, relatively satisfied with how easy it had been to come up with 5 pages, when I have only written that much before a couple of times. A year into living in LA, Amy had already gone native, adopting a raw diet. I’m not knocking it, since this kind of eating seems to do great things for a lot of people, but it is not for me. I’d starve to death from insufficient calories without cooked food and grains.

Amy was making a raw “fettuccine Alfredo” containing neither pasta or dairy. I was a bit skeptical, until I found out what was being used instead: Seaweed noodles and cashew cream. If you haven’t eaten much seaweed, it’s basically just a little salty tasting, and crunchy. Pretty good. Gianna had used cashew cream to make a vegan tomato bisque before, so I was already familiar with it’s creamy delicious properties. Amy’s concoction was quite tasty, and I happily went back for seconds.

We passed the rest of the evening drinking beer and smoking bowls with the neighbors. Everyone was quite interested in our journey(and who wouldn’t be?), but the conversation floated through a wide variety of subjects, from family, to film. A really large number of people work in the film industry here, unsurprisingly. The night ran pretty late once more, but we made plans to hit the beach the next day. I was really excited. The pacific is gorgeous, even if it is chilly, and I hadn’t seen it since march when I was visiting friends in Arcata. Plus, nothing like chillin’ on a beach to make you feel like you’re on vacation.

One more bowl for the cherry on top of a very pleasant, very mellow Sunday. A quick snack to settle the munchies, but then my eyes finished their alchemical transmutation to lead, and I was out for the night.


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