August 5th – Time Wasted

There was nothing to do today except wait for Valdi’s call. We hung around the house watching dvds, smoking weed, and munching. Valdi called around 4:30, and we headed out to catch a bus to Torrance to pick up the bike. The combination of the horrible LA roads and the bus’s soft suspension made for a quite nauseating ride, and I was very ready to be off that bus by the time we arrived. We walked the few blocks to the shop from the bus stop. I had a new fuel pump, a new throttle body, a new fuel filter, and my wallet was $600 lighter to show for it. I had now spent $2135 just keeping the bike on the road, and we were only 1 month, halfway, done with the trip. I wondered if we’d even make it to Portland, let alone back. We rode back to the apartment, ate dinner, and went to bed. This would not be the last time we would just lose whole days of traveling to bike repair.


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