August 19th – Emotions Ran High

Dan was trying to be in Eugene in a couple days, and his ride share attempts had fallen through, so he was meeting up a girl he met on craigslist to go try to hitchhike up there together. Accordingly, he was out of the house really early. He seemed like a really interesting guy, and I wish I’d thought to get the URL for his blog, or at least his info.

The parents were supposed to arrive at 10 to pick everyone up to go pick up free furniture. They were wisely an hour late, as a house of stoners doesn’t get up on time. Also in character for stoners, nobody had actually arranged to go get any furniture yet, so they would have to go up the road to an internet cafe in order to start the craigslist search. The mom decided to stay back at the house for a little bit, and we felt a bit awkward, so we decided to take a walk into town.

While I had successfully gotten a small amount of oatmeal in my stomach in the 90 minutes we had been awake, Gianna had predictably done absolutely nothing to prepare for the day, and was quite grumpy about it when we walked out of the house. So grumpy that she began yelling at me unprovoked. So, I walked a bit faster, and kept my distance from her. She would catch up periodically to yell more mean things at me, and I would continue trying to ignore her. That girl REALLY needs breakfast in the morning, but stubbornly refuses to take care of herself at all. It’s very frustrating, especially while traveling. We arrived at the plaza to find there was a live music picnic event going on. We found a tree to perch on, and smoked a bowl. Halfway through the bowl Gianna suddenly wandered off without saying anything. I relocated to a bench a little closer to the music, and pulled out my iPhone to see if anyone was on facebook chat. Cool, the park has wifi!

I started a conversation with Eric, and talked for a while about stuff back in Austin, and the strain this journey was putting on my relationship. Gianna eventually wandered back, still fussing at me incoherently in her state of hypoglycemic grumpiness. I struggled to ignore her, staying focused instead on the conversation I was having. She stormed off again. After a while, some random freshman approached me trying to buy weed. This happens a lot when you have dreadlocks. I didn’t sell them anything, but told them to just keep asking around, and good luck. It was getting on lunch time, so I wandered a block over to the Co-op. I love that the town is small enough to walk everywhere. I picked up a loaf of fresh bread and a wedge of cheese, and sat down at one of their tables to munch for a bit. I ran into Joseph and Kush again here, but it was just a quick wave and a hello. That’s how small of a town this is. We’d been here only a few days and already I can’t even go to the store without running into people I know. Gianna called me during lunch crying that she was lost and couldn’t get back to the house. I pulled up a map on my phone and gave her directions from the intersection she gave me. She still sounded pissy. Perhaps against my better judgment, I decided to stroll back in that direction, as I had very little weed left on me.

I called Gianna as I was getting close, to gauge the likeliness of me getting yelled at more upon arriving. I mentioned a desire to go walking in the redwoods, but received only a terse, passive aggressive response. I hung up on her, and walked up the hill to Redwood Park alone, wondering if all girls were this crazy. I walked perhaps 15 minutes into the forest until I found a sturdy low hanging branch that would serve as a bench while I loaded and smoked a bowl. During this time I ignored a phone call and received an angry voicemail from Gianna, to which I texted back an angry response. Needing to calm down, I put my phone down for a minute, and really made the most of that bowl, taking time to inhale fully and deeply, and hold my hits for at least seven seconds. I think just the effort of concentrating on my breath helped calm me down. I got mostly smiles from people walking along the trail directly past me as I smoked, and one sort of perplexed expression from a mother exploring the new college campus her children would be attending. I hope she wasn’t expecting anything different from Humboldt State University. Hippies in trees smoking weed is pretty much par for the course here.

Having calmed down quite a bit, I decided to head back down the hill, and go make sure Gianna was at least feeding herself. I only got about 5 minutes out of the park when I ran into her coming up the hill to meet me. We made awkward eye contact, and I offered her my bread and cheese and to smoke a bowl. She grumped some more, so I pressed a little. She eventually accepted my offer, and we walked quietly back into the woods, to the same spot I’d been before. A few hits in, and the bread and cheese was sounding better to her, and she was soon munching steadily between hitting the chillum. We hung out in the tree for a while, and before too long our friend Gecko, who we had met at the laundromat, walked up. We said hi, and he stopped to smoke a bowl with us. I pulled apart some weed from my bag to load into his pipe, and he topped it with a fat pad of hash. Full melt, like before. After a while his friend Hippie and her baby Sequoia stopped by to join us. After the bowl went around a few times, we headed off in our separate directions. Gecko had to get across town, Hippie had to make it to a bus, and we were heading back to the house.

We stopped by the grocery store on the way back for some supplies. Upon arriving at the casa we learned there were already dinner plans afoot. Hot dogs were being made. There had been plans for the housemates to go to a party, but Erika was the only one with a car, and she had skittered off with her boyfriend who had just gotten back in town. None of us expected to see her again til morning, and this was a correct assumption. Only Kobe wanted to go to the party bad enough to walk to the bus station, take a bus to the neighboring town of McKinleyville, and then get back in the morning. Fiona threw up some True Blood on the laptop, passed a few spliffs around, and we all just chilled at home for a night. I eventually passed out on the couch. I awoke a couple hours later and moved into the spare room that we would occupy for the rest of our stay here.


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