August 27th through September 8th – Portlandia

My stay in Portland was a strange one, and I didn’t particularly enjoy it for a broad spread of reasons. The city is extremely similar to Austin, which normally would make me totally love it. However, we arrived here as the last stop in a very difficult journey. It’s similarity to Austin mostly made me homesick. It was akin to being in Austin, except all my friends had disappeared. Continue reading


August 26th – Tryon Life Community Farm

We were staying very close to Alberta Street, which is kind of similar to South Congress here in Austin. Lots of cool little shops, more coffee shops than makes any amount of sense in that much space. While we have “First Thursdays” here in Austin, Portland has “Last Thursdays”, a nearly identical event held on Alberta Street. It was close enough to walk, so we did, and got ourselves some coffee and a pastry. I could help but be amused by the “Keep Portland Weird” stickers on people’s cars, and the absolutely astonishing number of bike racks and bicycles. Looking around, it seemed as if car parking was both scarce and expensive. Continue reading

August 25th – Hey We Made It!

We woke up to noisy children, as is so often the case in these developed campgrounds. I miss our secluded spot in Stanislaus. Months ago, we’d set but a single point on a map as a destination, trusting the journey would happen whether we planned it or not. That point was Portland, and today we would ride the remaining distance there. It felt like the beginning of the final chapter as we packed up that morning, and got on the road. Continue reading