Motorcycle Journey Table of Contents

Since it sucks having to scroll backwards through the blog to find the beginning of the story, here’s a table of contents page to make it easier.

July 5th – The Beginning of the Beginning
July 6th – A First Full Day
July 7th – Palo Duro Canyon State Park
July 8th – The Longest Ride
July 9th – Welcome to Taos
July 10th – Tipis, Indians, and Indians
July 11th – The Rain Shadow Effect
July 12th – Earthships and Toolsheds
July 13th – Exploring Pagosa Springs
July 14th – The Calm
July 15th – The Storm
July 16th – GTFO of Colorado
July 17th – Moab: A Place to Meet Mother Nature
July 18th – Epic Nature is Epic
July 19th – Fuckin’ Euros
July 20th – Earth Adjacent
July 21st – Canyonlands: Land of Canyons
July 22nd – The Big Rock Candy Mountains
July 23rd – Zion National Park
July 24th – You Don’t Know Hot.
July 25th – The Gilded City
July 26th – And Not a Single Fuck was Given that Day
July 27th – I’ve Been Through the Desert on a Horse With No Name
July 28th – Joshua Tree
July 29th – Landing in Los Angeles
July 30th – City of Angels
July 31st – A Lazy Sunday
August 1st – Finally at the Beach
August 2nd – Serendipity
August 3rd – Bud Bazaar on the Boardwalk
August 4th – When it Rains it Pours
August 5th – Time Wasted
August 6th – Motorcycle Maintenance
August 7th – To the Pacific Coast Highway
August 8th – Two Bays, One Day
August 9th – Into Stanislaus
August 10th – No Holier Temple
August 11th – Tuolumne Meadows
August 12th – I’m on the Road to Nowhere
August 13th – Windsor, Taint of California
August 14th – Welcome to Humboldt
August 15th – Arcata Day 1
August 16th – Motorcycle Maintenance
August 17th – Arcata is a Hard Town to Leave
August 18th – One Good Turn Deserves Another
August 19th – Emotions Ran High
August 20th and 21st – Humboldt Fog
August 22nd – What is Home?
August 23rd – Finally into Oregon
August 24th – Gardens, Dunes, and Douchebags
August 25th – Hey, We Made It!
August 26th – Tryon Life Community Farm
August 27th through September 8th – Portlandia


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