August 19th – Emotions Ran High

Dan was trying to be in Eugene in a couple days, and his ride share attempts had fallen through, so he was meeting up a girl he met on craigslist to go try to hitchhike up there together. Accordingly, he was out of the house really early. He seemed like a really interesting guy, and I wish I’d thought to get the URL for his blog, or at least his info. Continue reading


August 18th – One Good Turn Deserves Another

I was vaguely aware of Allen leaving early in the morning, but mostly I noticed he was gone when we woke up much later. We smoked some bowls and spliffs with Kobe while we brewed and drank our coffee. We were kind of low on food, so breakfast ended up being a fried egg on a buttered corn tortilla. Not bad, but a little odd. A few more bowls, and I was ready to go drop off the key at the shop. Continue reading

August 17th – Arcata is a Hard Town to Leave

I woke up rested, and excited to get back on the road, though still a little apprehensive about the electrical situation with the bike. Nothing to be done about it now, though. We ate breakfast, and began to pack the bike, earning the usual laugh of admiration at how much shit we can pack on one bike. We thanked Leah profusely for letting two strangers stay with her on such short notice, and set out on the road once more. Continue reading

August 16th – Motorcycle Maintenance

I woke up less stoned than I went to sleep and immediately began to stress about dealing with our again non-working bike. This machine was really turning into quite the pain in the ass. I called my insurance company, and they dispatched a tow truck to where the bike was still parked at the Co-Op. While we were eating breakfast, there was a knock at the door. Looking through the peep hole I could see it was the dude who had dropped us off here the night before. I opened the door with a smile, and asked “What’s up?”. Turns out we’d forgotten our tarp in his car, so he was just bringing it back to us. We thanked him again for his continued generosity. We smoked a couple bowls, then walked the short distance to meet the truck. Continue reading

August 15th – Arcata Day 1

Reflecting the laid back pace of the town, this Motel 6 has a checkout time of noon, instead of the industry standard 10am. We got our things together and headed over to our friend’s place to pick up some weed. Three nice big bags for a price to make a Texan weep tears of joy. We passed the bong back and forth a few times, then headed down the road to do some laundry at the laundromat. Continue reading

August 14th – Welcome to Humboldt

We woke up pretty tired, but in otherwise good cheer. There was a shower building on the grounds, and we fully intended to use it. We’d been sleeping outside for a week straight now, and we were starting to get a little crusty. We walked down the hill to the shower to find out they wanted $2 for 5 minutes of hot water. We still hadn’t figured out a place to stay in Arcata yet, and in light of the rather expensive shower here, we decided we would just stay in a motel in Arcata tonight. One more day of living dirty. We ate some breakfast and drank some coffee, then proceeded to head further north up the coast. Continue reading